Recently an agreement has been signed between “Republican Specialized Surgery Centre named after V. Vakhidov” (Tashkent) and “National Cardiovascular Surgery Centre named after. M. Amosov” (Ukraine).

The agreement provides that the specialists of Amosov Institute shall assist the Republican Specialized Surgery Centre in personnel training and retraining for Uzbekistan; also Ukrainian doctors are going to be involved into diagnostics and treatment of of complex pathologies and contribute to establishing the medical process in Uzbekistan clinics. Also the subject of the abovementioned agreement is organization of joint scientific and research works on cardiac surgery and cardiovascular pathologies’ problems.

The history of these relationship goes back to the past. In far 1998 the specialists of Amosov Institute conducted the first cardiological operation in Urgench city. Since that time there have been many positive changes in the country. In particular, a powerful, well-equipped cardiovascular surgery centre has been opened in the city of Khorezm.

For all that time — almost 20 years — Amosov Institute in Kyiv had been a training facility for cardiac surgeons from Uzbekistan, with provision of clinical internship, postgraduate studies, execution of thesis researches, etc.

It can not fail to please, that lately more and more information about the achievements of Ukrainian cardiac surgery appears and it is obviously becoming more and more requested and  competitive.


Ukrainian cardiological surgery should become a global trend.





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