Exhibitors testimonials

Natalie Blanc, Business Development Manager, Clinique Generale Beaulieu (Switzerland):
-  I am happy that we were visited by the people that we were waiting for -  medical agents, representatives of medical centres and medical tourism operators. The were representatives of both the Ukrainian and CIS medical tourism markets.

Andrei Relyich, Development Manager, Swiss Health (Switzerland):
- As an international organisation which unites the clinics of Switzerland it is important to make contacts with the Ukrainian market so that Ukrainian patients come to Switzerland. We were visited by the representatives of tour operators that were ready to send us patients, by insurance companies and by medics from the hospitals of Kyiv. Visitors came from Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk and other large cities. There is an obvious interest in sending patients for treatment abroad. There are different requests - general examinations and diagnostics, consultation on correct nutrition and more specific requests relating to gynaecology, oncology and cardiology.
The price of treatment in Swiss clinics is approximately the same as the price in Israeli and German medical institutions. The Ukrainian market is a priority for us, we think that the market has potential for development because of the growth in the quality of life of Ukrainians. I am also happy that people have begun to think in a different way and started to treat their own health more seriously.

Violetta Yanyshevskaya, President of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism:
- Today, Ukrainian doctors are often left alone with the problems of their patients, without the opportunity to provide the treatment that they need. This is where the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism comes to help – we will consult them and recommend a list of foreign clinics where that medical issue is successfully solved. Ukraine is at the beginning of the path to the development of medical tourism. There is a lot of interest in medical tourism, and one of the things which proves this are the mountains of business cards from visitors that want to join The Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism.
The stand of the association and the sessions of the Medical Tourism Congress were visited both by potential partners from aborad and by professionals from the medical and tourist industry from the CIS and Ukraine. Representatives of the Ministry of Healthcare, state medical institutions, private clinics and medical centres from Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava, Odessa, the Crimea, Cherkasy, Vinnitsya and other regions. We were visited by medics and medical tourism agents from Russia, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Romania and Slovakia.

Oksana Vodotyka, Department of Business Development, MCM Medical Management GmbH (Austria):
- Our expectations were met: we had great meetings and a sufficient quality of audience. Many business meetings were arrange for us at the exhibition with the help of the VIP Hosted Buyers Programme. We had the opportunity to present treatment options in Austria to the representatives of medical centres and tourist agencies of Ukraine. Были и запросы от врачей с конкретными случаями.

Kristina Danilchuk, Regional Development Manager, Reikartz Hospitality Group (Ukraine):
-  Reikartz Hospitality Group has the Vita Park health resort in Zakarpattia Region (Izki) and Cherkasy Region (Aquadar) and the Polyana complex. The group presented its Aquadar radon resort at MTEC.Kiev 2013, which is one of the few resorts of this kind on the territory of Ukraine. Our expectations have been fulfilled - there were many medics visiting at the exhibition that are prepared to send their patients to us for the rehabilitation and the improvement of their health. We have added over 200 useful contacts to our database. Thank you!

Guray Soydan, Medical Doctor, Office for International Patients at Hacettepe University Hospital (Turkey):
The Hacetteppe University Hospital is financed from the budget of Turkey, which is why our main aim of exhibiting at MTEC.Kiev 2013 was not so much for commercial gain as for the promotion of the Turkish healthcare industry in Ukraine, including our University, Our visitors included both medical tourism professionals (around 50 useful contacts who are medics and agents) and potential patients

Ioannis Adroutsos, Financial Planning Manager,  IASO Group, The ELITOUR Greek Association of Medical Tourism (Greece):
- I am happy with the exhibition: more than one hundred new contacts from interested visitors that represent the local medical tourism sector. The presentation of the Greek Association of Medical Tourism to the Ukrainian market went very well, I had several productive meetings.  Ukraine is a very good market with a lot of opportunities for us. We already have a representative office in Ukraine, and we are going to grow our contacts in the market. We would definitely like to help the development of the healthcare system in Ukraine. Some time ago, Greece was in a similar situation - the large and cumbersome state healthcare sector needed global reform. We will be very happy to share our experience and we will help its implementation into Ukrainian practice. 

Dorina Condrea, Sales Manager, Terme di Sirmione (Verona, Italy):
- I did not expect to meet so many potential partners for the company at the exhibition. There was always a queue of visitors at the stand of the company. We were visited by medics, medical tourism agents and tour operators, representatives of pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies and the representatives of  the state sector. Buyers were also interested in our tourism and healthcare product, so we would like to thank the organisers for an effective Buyer's programme. I would like to note that it was in Kyiv that I found a business partner from China - entering the Chinese market has been a long time aim for my business.  We are especially interested in Chinese pharmaceuticals.

Alla Borovkova, Representative of Medanta – the Medicity in Ukraine (India):
- MTEC.Kiev 2013 visitors showed a lot of interest in our offerings of treatment and operations in India. Among them there were tourist agents and medical centres that were ready to send us patients, as well as doctors with particular diagnoses and potential patients. We would also like to thank the organisers for the Buyer's programme and for attracting doctors from Ukraine and the countries of the CIS. Our company had a lot of meetings at our stand, in the VIP-cafe, in the restaurant and at the medical tourism conference.  We were made sure of our competitiveness both in price and the quality of our unique offerings. I think that we will definitely exhibit at the next Medical Tourism exhibition.

Anita Birze, Deputy Head of the Latvian Health Tourism Cluster (Jurmala, Latvia):
- The exhibition was successful for Jurmala. There is a lot of interest from the local market - we gave out 14 boxes of promotional materials. Our stand was constantly approached by visitors from medical centres and from tourist agencies that would like to send their patients to us to become healthier and recover.
Health tourism is a developing industry in Latvia with a lot of opportunities. The resorts of the Baltic coast, including Jurmala, are known in post-Soviet countries for a long time. The Jurmala City Council has created a healthcare and medical tourism cluster based on more than fifty institutions - sanatoria, rehabilitation centres and clinics. We are focusing on the advantages of balneology resorts - therapeutic muds, mineral waters, healthy sea air and many other things. In addition to this, we have a centre for plastic and reconstructive surgery, wrist surgery and we also have good stomatological clinics and diagnostic centres.