The Medical Specialised Forum 2015 is expanding its scope

The Medical Specialised Forum 2015 (MSF 2015) will take place on 11-13 March at the International Exhibition Centre (Kyiv, Brovarsky Ave.,15, Levoberezhnaya metro station).
The programme for forum is already being formed. The success of the Medical Specialised Forum 2014 and the positive response from healthcare specialists and related fields in the beauty industry about the organisation of an event with a new format on one platform has opened new opportunities for the organisers. 

As a result, it has been decided to increase the scope of the subjects covered at Medical Specialised Forum 2015.  In addition to the previously covered Dietology  and Management of private medical centres and clinics section there will be new sections that are just as relevant and important. Full list of subjects covered by MSF 2015:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Dietology
  • Dermatovenerology, mycology
  • Management of private clinics and pharmacy chains

These fields are very important as they are the meeting point between healthcare, cosmetology and anti-ageing medicine and the services of their specialists are in great demand in society. They are also available in many private medical clinics. Representatives of this segment of the market are the target audience of the Forum and the programme and displays at the event are formed to fulfil all of their requirements. They always pay close attention to new specialised products and they are more active in using the most advanced methods and ready to invest in the most progressive technologies and practices. The organisers believe that the greater scope of subjects covered at the forum will be welcome by both representatives of the medical field and the beauty industry that are planning to exhibit or visit the Estet Beauty Expo 2015 Congress, which will take place alongside the Medical Specialised Forum 2015.

The larger number of subjects covered by MSF 2015 will increase the size of the programme and the accompanying display. The purpose of the cycle of educational sessions is the increase in the qualifications of doctors and medical specialists. The specialised medical exhibition will reflect the current state and trends in the development of narrowly specialised medical fields, show the latest products to a professional audience, unite suppliers and producers of medical equipment, materials and medical drugs on one platform and offer opportunities to interact, exchange experience and professional achievements and demonstrate the latest medical technologies.

While working on filling the forum programme the Organising Committee of Medical Specialised Forum 2015has worked closely with Bogomolets National Medical University,  Club Of Plastic Surgeons, Association of Obstetritians and Gynaecologists of Ukraine, Association of Dietologists of Ukraine, Ukrainian Medical Tourism Association, P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education as well as the Public Health exhibition and the Estet Beauty Expo congress. 

MSF 2015 includes: a scientific and practical symposium on plastic surgery; a training session for directors, senior managers and owners of medical centres and private clinics; a scientific and practical symposium on reproductive medicine, dermatology and dietology, specialised practical seminars and round tables.

March, 11:

  • Practical Scientific Symposium on Reproductive Medicine, organised by Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Ukraine;
  • Practical Seminar, roundtables on dermatology, supported by Ukrainian Academy of Dermatovenerology.

March, 12:

  • Scientific Symposium on Diet: “Diet therapy of the most common diseases”, organised by Association of Dietitians of Ukraine;
  • Training for directors, managers and owners of private medical centres and clinics, organised by PROmanagement in health care magazine.

March, 13:

  • Practical Scientific Symposium on plastic surgery, Organised by Bogomolets National Medical University, Club of Plastic Surgeons of Ukraine;
  • Seminar on Management of pharmacies and pharmacy network, organised by Astor-Ukraine.

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